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Always on the lookout for new talent as part of our development, the Evreux site, which combines all of the business lines in our company, is recruiting.


Why join us?

Commited and responsible company

come and manufacture products
that respect the environment
and work within an organization committed to sustainable development

European group

come and work in a French company
and have regular contacts with counterparts throughout Europe


come and work within an organization
that promotes team spirit

Our values

We share the values of the Bong group

The customer is our priority

ISO 9001 certified, our first challenge is to better understand our customers’ expectations, without losing sight of their own business objectives. This is why we encourage regular contact with customers at every level of the organization.

Strong teams are the foundation of our success

We value, support and encourage strong teamwork. We realise that by working together we can perform at our best. This thinking applies to the entire organisation, where best practice is always shared across divisions and departments. It is this spirit of helping each other improve that makes working here more than a job

We see change as a creative opportunity

Change is the only constant we have. In order to provide the solutions for tomorrow’s challenges, our mindset is based on change. It is change that allows for development, evolution and growth. In order to maintain our reach for excellence and our focus on the customer we grasp every new development as an opportunity.

We seek excellence in everything we do

This means setting ambitious targets and anticipating what is necessary for tomorrow’s success. We take pride in our work and we never settle for just good enough, meaning that we are always prepared, responsible and open-minded. We understand that only by keeping our promises and exceeding expectations can we ensure excellence in everything we do

We interact with mutual respect

A great working environment is a place that inspires successful development. This requires respect and a culture where people feel comfortable talking freely and directly with each other. We don’t play political games, but treat everybody with respect no matter what position or competencies they have.  We understand that people are unique and thereby different, and we appreciate those personal differences.

We know that the trust and loyalty of our customers is largely possible thanks to the skills and professionalism of our teams, whether they work in production, shipping or customer service. We train and develop our employees because we know that the personal contribution of each of them is essential to the overall performance of the company.

We are currently recruiting