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Create your bag at your convenience:

Sac en papier personnalisé pour la Société Générale et la Coupe du Monde de Rugby
  • Various formats possible
  • Different paper qualities: made with Kraft, white or recycled paper but also with different weights
  • Print your visuals and use them on all of your packaging products, ensuring a similar effect
  • Choose the handles for your bag: white or coloured, twisted or flat made of paper, cotton (cord handles), ribbon, …

Some examples of custom paper bags

Sac retail imprimé en flexo HD, effet pailleté, vernis sélectif, poignées roses, logo effet métal
Sac en papier avec impression intérieure, anses en coton

The advantages of bespoke paper carrier bag

Sac de shopping imprimé
  • Sturdy, it adapts to the requisite carrying weight and capacity by varying the grammage
  • Aesthetic, it can be printed with your logo or any other visual, inside or out
  • Recyclable, it reduces your ecological impact compared with a plastic bag
  • Lightweight
  • Elegant, in a luxury version, for chic and valuable products

Stand out!

Our high-definition printing machines can print up to 10 colours. We can also apply a wide range of effects and varnishes:

UV varnish

vernis UV sélectif impression flexo HD

Glitter effect

impression flexographique haute définition paillettes

3D varnish

Impression haute définition avec vernis effet 3 dimensions

Hot foil

imprimé doré à chaud impression marquage à chaud

Metallic effect

Embossé, relief avec encre métallisée argentée

Fluorescent printing

Impression en flexographie HD fluo

Embossing (relief shape given to the paper)

papier pressé pour donner relief, embossé sous presse, forme gaufrée

Debossing (hollow shape given to the paper)

embossé, papier en relief, pressé

Inside printing

sac imprimé à l'intérieur avec vernis, patches imprimés

Talk to your sales representative so that together you can create the bag you need. Basic or with luxury, neutral or printed finishes …

We love creative, innovative and sustainable packaging! Our only limits are those of our imagination – and yours!

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