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Envelopes, our first expertise

pochette à fenêtre enveloppe carré

For quick and easy manual insertion of the document into the envelope, our products are intended for daily mailings, commercial mail, invoices and other regular correspondence.

Also specialists in automatic insertion envelopes for office inserters or professional routing equipment, our products adapt to the needs of your marketing campaigns. Several ranges of gummed envelopes, with trapezoidal flap, have been specially designed to limit the risk of jamming when passing through the machine.

Our 150 stock references can be printed in one week upon receipt of the visuals or in express mode on request.

You want a mailing campaign to communicate your know-how, a message, an advertisement, for any specific need, we manufacture your envelope to measure. We are experts in the sheet and reel manufacturing processes. Our machines can be used for offset, flexographic or digital printing in up to 6 colours, as you wish.

In addition, many options are possible:

  • Varnish: selective, complete…
  • With, without or multiple windows
  • Detachable coupon
  • V or block bottom
  • Easy opening
  • Closure: peel and seal, self-adhesive, gummed …

Some examples of our envelopes

boîte d'enveloppes blanches de marque Oxford avec fermeture adhésive
enveloppe à empreinte écologique réduite

The advantages of our mail envelopes

enveloppe pochette à fenêtre
  • Many stock references
  • Production making all fantasy finishes possible (reel, die-cutting, offset printing, flexo or digital, etc.)
  • Long-standing know-how
  • Samples can be sent on request
Information on the environmental qualities and characteristics of products

• Compostability: No
• Incorporation of recycled materials :
• Reusability : No
• Recyclability :
• Presence of hazardous substances: No
• Bonuses and penalties applied to the product :

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