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Tyvek®: a unique material

Enveloppe résistante et indéchirable en Tyvek®

Tyvek® is a non-woven fabric of polyethylene fibres. To the eye and touch, Tyvek® looks like paper. It has a few unique properties, however:

  • it is very light, naturally opaque white, smooth on the surface and silky,
  • it is more elastic than paper and almost tear-proof,
  • it is water-resistant but remains breathable,
  • it is non-toxic and can be recycled
  • it prints easily

Tear-proof, waterproof, anti-mould, Tyvek® envelopes and sleeves protect your documents from humidity and any risk of tearing. Your shipments are made in style in a silky and ultra-light envelope that reduces your postage costs. With bellows, they can also be used for archiving or storing important documents with long retention periods.

The Tyvek® pocket is a secure form of packaging, ideal for legal and financial correspondence, anything confidential or of value.

Some examples of our Tyvek® pockets

enveloppe ou pochette imprimable avec fermeture adhésive en Tyvek®
Solution d'archivage durable imperméable

Its advantages

Enveloppe pochette imperméable personnalisable en Tyvek®
  • Lightweight, its low weight reduces shipping costs
  • Waterproof, it protects the contents from moisture
  • Tear-proof, it guarantees the security of your shipments
  • With a luxurious and silky appearance, it enhances your brand image
  • Printable over its entire surface
Information on the environmental qualities and characteristics of products

• Compostability: No
• Incorporation of recycled materials : the product does not contain recycled material
• Reusability : No
• Recyclability : Mostly recyclable except for references 69009, 69010 and 69011: not recyclable
• Presence of hazardous substances: No
• Bonuses and penalties applied to the product : This product is not subject to any bonuses or penalties.

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