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A simple and ecological solution for sending heavy or fragile objects

emballage colis fragile rapide et sûr respectueux de environnement
  • This soft and shockproof pocket is produced with a paper padding made with old recycled newspaper!
  • Ultra-resistant, it is made from thick kraft which makes it extremely sturdy
  • Its smooth interior base makes it easy to insert the product
  • Available in many sizes with a self-adhesive tape closure, it is printable in up to 10 colours, to personalize your shipments and effectively communicate

Recyclable, 100% paper, it is the ecological alternative to air bubble bag! The padded paper bag is particularly suitable for sending heavy objects such as tools, screws, large catalogues, brochures, etc.

Some examples of our padded paper pouches

emballage d'expédition imprimée toute surface protectrice

The advantages of our padded paper bag

Emballage rapide et sur, écologique, recyclable, rembourré en papier
  • Ultra-resistant, it consists of a thick mattress of crushed paper, surrounded by two layers of sturdy kraft paper.
  • Easy to use, with its Peal & Seal closure
  • Eco-responsible, this product is made with recycled paper and remains 100% recyclable!
  • Customizable, it can be printed over the entire surface.
Information on the environmental qualities and characteristics of products

• Compostability: No
• Incorporation of recycled materials : Contains at least 95% recycled materials
• Reusability : No
• Recyclability : Fully recyclable
• Presence of hazardous substances: No
• Bonuses and penalties applied to the product : This product is not subject to any bonuses or penalties.

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