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The 100% paper bubble bag

  • Protective, the AirPro Green bag is made from FSC® certified resistant paper. This bag is shockproof and suitable for your e commerce shipments thanks to the embossed inner paper layer with a stable bubble pattern. A total of 3 paper layers protects your goods from possible transport damage.
  • Eco-friendly, this padded bag is the green alternative to conventional bubble mailers with plastic film. Made from 100% paper and air, AirPro Green is fully recyclable.
  • Light and compact, it limits your shipping costs.
  • Customizable to your colors and available in several sizes to convey your brand image.

This padded mailer is the perfect balance between protective packaging and respect for the environment!

The AirPro Green range in pictures

The advantages of our AirPro Green paper bubble bag

A ecommerce bag without compromise: the perfect combination of product protection and recyclability.

  • Shockproof, this ecommerce paper bubble bag is particularly suitable for shipping fragile products or products with sharp edges. An adhesive strip closes the bag and ensures your products are transported in complete safety.
  • No plastic, just air and paper: this fully recyclable e-commerce bag can be recycled as waste paper.
  • Lightweight, it helps to reduce packaging volume, weight and waste.
  • Adaptable to your needs, AirPro Green comes in several formats and is printable to help you communicate effectively.
Information on the environmental qualities and characteristics of products

• Compostability: No
• Incorporation of recycled materials : Contains at least 90% recycled materials
• Reusability : No
• Recyclability : Fully recyclable
• Presence of hazardous substances: No
• Bonuses and penalties applied to the product : This product is not subject to any bonuses or penalties.

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