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Property of Coldseal material

Emballage cartonné pour e-logistique

When two coats of Coldseal touch, they adhere. If a product is present between the two layers, the self-adhesive parts stick around creating a strong and rigid packaging, without damaging the product. The open grooved structure remains flexible until the layers are sealed.

Coldseal reel materials are intended for high throughput automatic packaging and shipments from distribution and e-logistics centres. As a sheet material, this material is ideal for manual packaging of irregularly shaped products.

The material saves time and money going from reel to securely sealed packaging in seconds. Available in shapes and sizes suitable for all uses, do not hesitate to consult us to define the specifications that suit you.

The Coldseal principle in video

Its advantages

Bobine de matériau ColdSeal pour emballage rapide, à haut rendement, parfait pour les e-logisticiens
  • Because it adapts to the shape of the content, its uses are unlimited
  • Time-saving, product packaging is done in seconds
  • Convenient, it is flexible and easy to fold until it is sealed; it then becomes rigid and protective
Information on the environmental qualities and characteristics of products

• Compostability: No
• Incorporation of recycled materials : Contains at least 60% recycled materials
• Reusability : No
• Recyclability : Fully recyclable
• Presence of hazardous substances: No
• Bonuses and penalties applied to the product : This product is not subject to any bonuses or penalties.

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