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Take care of your image by sending your documents safely!

Pochette carton 100% recyclable avec fermeture adhésive
  • With smooth white surface for a great look, or corrugated cardboard for maximum safety, white or brown exterior
  • Peal & Seal closure and tear-strip opening
  • Opening on the small or large side
  • Printing possible up to 6 colours + varnish

This product is of course customizable: use it as a communication medium by printing your design.

Some examples of our cardboard pockets

Pochette d'expédition imprimée en carton
pochette plate à micro cannelure avec fermeture adhésive

Its advantages

pochette postale en carton plat
  • Easy to use, with self-adhesive tape closure and easy opening
  • Practical, the pocket can widen for large-volume contents thanks to its score lines
  • Protective, sturdy corrugated cardboard guarantees documents stay perfect
  • The high-quality, smooth white surface makes an ideal support for high-definition printing
  • Eco-friendly, 100% recyclable

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