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e-Smart, a range with low environmental impact
designed with an e-commerce expert

  • Low environmental impact: the e-Smart e-commerce bag is made from strong FSC®-certified paper with one of the lowest CO2 emission factors on the market. It is fully and easily recyclable.
  • Made in France : manufactured in France, in our Normandy factory, close to our customers.
  • Developed in partnership with an e-commerce giant: e-Smart was designed with the help of one of the world’s leading e-commerce players in the textile sector. This e-commerce bag is available in 4 standard formats to suit a wide range of products and cover all your needs
  • Competitive price: we have specially developed a machine that consumes very little paper and energy. Each of the 4 formats available is produced on a dedicated machine, eliminating the set-up costs associated with format changes. It is this production process that enables us to offer you a competitively priced product.

The e-Smart range of e-commerce bag in pictures

The advantages of our e-Smart e-commerce bag

  • Low environmental impact:from the choice of raw materials to recycling, e-Smart is designed to limit its impact on the environment and meet your CSR challenges.
  • Fast delivery, the e-Smart e-commerce bag is manufactured continuously in our factories and is available from stock in 4 formats
  • Lightweight and compact, it allows to reduce shipping costs
  • Reusable, its lifespan is extended thanks to its double adhesive strip which allows the end consumer to reuse it in the event of product returns
  • Customisable, have your logo or any other visual printed for a bag that reflects the image of your brand

Why is e-Smart a low environmental impact bag ?

Raw materials

e-Smart is made from paper, a renewable and well-managed material, sourced from sustainably managed forests and FSC® certified. It uses paper with one of the lowest CO2 emissions on the market. We have selected a paper manufacturer located in Europe that produces its own pulp rather than importing it, and is equipped with energy co-generation. Over 70% of the journey between our paper supplier and our factory is made by train. The paper we use is particularly strong, which means we can use paper with a lower grammage for the same resistance.

Conception & Design

e-Smart is manufactured on low-energy machines specially designed to limit raw material consumption and reduce waste. We have managed to reduce paper waste to 2% (compared with the usual 8% for this type of product). Each of the 4 formats available is produced on a dedicated machine, eliminating the technical waste involved in changing formats. The double adhesive strip means that the e-commerce bag can be reused, prolonging its lifespan.

Transport & packaging

e-Smart bags are manufactured in France, close to our customers, to minimise transport-related emissions. They can be delivered in bulk pallets to reduce packaging and greatly increase the quantity of products per pallet.


Made from paper, the e-Smart e-commerce bag is fully recyclable. We use water-based inks and solvent-free glues to make recycling easier.

Information on the environmental qualities and characteristics of products
  • Compostability: No
  • Incorporation of recycled materials :
  • Reusability: No
  • Recyclability: Fully recyclable
  • Presence of hazardous substances: No
  • Bonuses and penalties applied to the product :

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